Kayvon Agahnia


Kayvon Agahnia

Kayvon Agahnia is Chief Operation Officer and Chief Financial Officer of KA Enterprises and its affiliates. His professional management experience spans over two decades. Mr. Agahnia is in charge of the overall management and negotiations of the firm.

His primary responsibilities include, deal structuring, review investment underwriting and performas, investment negotiations, lender negotiations, overseeing the company’s overall staff and their performance, ongoing transaction negotiations, budgeting, reviewing financials and reports.

Mr. Agahnia has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with emphasizes in Finance, and a minor in Economics.

Mr. Agahnia has been a 40 year resident of San Diego and currently lives with his family in La Jolla, California.  

His personal interests include competing in marathons, cycling (finished 2nd place in 2016 eight man relay team of RAAM, “Race Across America”) and triathlons (competed in Kona World Championship Ironman), skiing, hiking, yoga, philanthropic endeavors, and spending time with his family.