KA Enterprises understands the importance of leadership and management. All members of the leadership team have extensive and impressive professional backgrounds. Our leadership team understands the importance of experience, relationships, integrity and business focus. Our leadership understands and has demonstrated over time the ability to produce results. Our performance is directly related to the quality of our people at all levels of the firm. Our professionals have a wide range of complementary technical and management skills. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences offer the firm a broad knowledge base which is instrumental to managing our day-to-day operations. Through hard work, meticulous execution, and sound business practices, our dedicated team has a history of sticking to their principals and has exhibited high ethical behavior.

The senior management team currently is comprised of three experienced real estate partners who sets the strategic direction of the firm. They are supported by the corporate management team who together carryout our investment sourcing, execute the investment initiatives, and are responsible ultimately for all projects of the company, including investments, construction, financial decision making, property management and operational activities. The corporate management team is responsible for the day to day matters of KA’s gas station operations, oversight of their 100+ employees and wholesale fueling business.

Partners – Senior Management Team

Corporate Management Team