KA Enterprises’ Investment Capabilities consistent of:

  • Ability to successfully locate, select, acquire, operate, manage and lease Gas Stations, Retail Properties and High-End Residential Estates.
  • Sound investment analysis, comprehensive due diligence and transaction structuring execution and discipline,
  • Robust and flexible Investment Process,
  • Proprietary research driven investment program,
  • Ongoing monitoring, management, and value enhancement initiatives,
  • Active, consistent, and diligent oversight of financial and operational goals,
  • Extensive relationships and pro-active generation of off-market deal flow opportunities and investment ideas,
  • Debt financing expertise and structuring abilities,
  • Robust, stable, and scalable business infrastructure which currently employ over 150 employees from varied backgrounds and seasoned supervisors and managers,
  • Educated and experienced accounting and operational management teams overseeing the day-to-day management of the business,
  • Strong organizational culture that results in shared outcomes,
  • Exit planning and structuring.