To continue the tradition of experience and expertise in locating, selecting, constructing, owning, operating, managing and leasing gas stations, commercial properties and multi-million-dollar residential projects. Achieve economies of scale and expand our geographic footprint in an efficient and productive manner while maximizing the investment return for all our investment partners. Continue setting the standard of professional excellence as high as possible and promote an environment of diversity and community outreach. Refine and maintain a sensible investment strategy, philosophy, and approach to navigate the tides of the financial and real estate markets.


KA Enterprises fosters a corporate culture that embraces and promotes principles of good business and professional ethics. This ethical approach is woven into the company’s values and guides the day-to-day actions of employee.

Our Leadership is responsible for ensuring that all our dealings with clients, employees and business associates are fair and transparent. Our code of ethics defines the standards we expect all our people to abide by.

As the world becomes more integrated and as we scale into a more global enterprise, we understand that operating across countries and cultures, it is a business necessity for KA to embrace diversity, accessing talent pools while reflecting our diverse client base. We believe that creating a dynamic mix of people, ideas and talents will enhance our business performance and allow us to meet our objectives.


KA Enterprises will continue to deliver risk adjusted returns and execute an income orientated investment strategy. We will expand the success of current business model and related business infrastructure while successfully and prudently investing in our target markets. KA intends to invest internally and/or recruit co-investors in order to expand our portfolio of incoming producing commercial properties and grow our gas station operations to over 100 facilities either through acquisition of existing stations or build-to-suit. KA will strive relentlessly to maintain its position as a leading real estate investment management firm, achieving and creating value for all investors while maximizing investor returns.