Investment Philosophy & Approach

KA Enterprises’ Investment Philosophy relies on the tradition of prudent investment management. The Partners have organically developed a world class scalable enterprise focused on operational and financial efficiency and productivity.

KA remains focused on its core competency and doing what we know best, which is developing, investing, managing, and harvesting assets. Investing in sound income producing assets allows KA to grow without having the burdens of growth associated with some of our competitors.

Professional Excellence is emblematic of the pattern of good and productive decisions.

We believe the following reflects our deeply held beliefs and by extension our Investment Philosophy:

  • Continue to identify opportunities and expanding our geographic footprint via our target markets, including all of California, Las Vegas, and Boston, where we currently have an established presence and a 20+ year track record of experience,
  • Continue to have an alignment of interests by means of ownership and responsibility,
  • Continue to invest our time, effort and capital into Gasoline Stations, Retail Properties and High-End Residential Estates,
  • Prudently expand and gain access to alternative sources of capital,
  • Continue to adhere to high standard of integrity, transparency, quality, honesty, and independence,
  • Continue to exercise discretion and objectivity,
  • Continue to act in best interest of our stakeholders, clients, and other interested parties,
  • Continue to produce, protect, and grow investment returns,
  • Continue to execute a focused and disciplined investment process,
  • Continue to deliver value over time while continuing our tradition of creativity, competitiveness, productivity, superior strategy, planning and execution,
  • Continue to serve our communities, our fellow citizens and act with moral and social responsibility,
  • Continue to monitor trends in order to maintain our comprehensive understanding of the economic, business, real estate and market cycles and trends,
  • Adhere to strong risk management principals and avoid excessive leverage,
  • Continue to consistently value-invest and deliver risk adjusted returns.