KA Enterprises understands the importance of responsible stewardship and sound operational management as a vital component of our success. We take pride in setting, meeting and surpassing expectations regarding our business behavior.


Community participation is a necessity. At KA we believe that proactive community engagement will directly result in a positive impact on the value of our assets in the long term. We believe in responsible investing and dialogue within our communities. We actively have and will continue to engage in community activities including philanthropic and charitable endeavors. At KA we are dedicated to making positive contributions to our local communities. As a company, we consistently strengthen our communities by committing time and resources to help build a more sustainable future by considering all the relevant issues and viewpoints of stakeholders. Since we are an employer of residents of our communities, we take a concerted effort to understand the local dynamics intimately. For example, we have been an avid supporter, sponsor and participant of the Challenged Athletes Foundation since its inception.


KA Enterprises recognizes its responsibility to operate in a way that best conserves the world’s natural resources. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through innovative ideas and the ongoing use of sustainable business practices. To that end, we will proactively explore ways to cost-effectively “green” our portfolios while delivering favorable risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We continue to add alternative fuels at our gas station locations and are consistently upgrading our commercial properties to be more “green”. In addition, KA has invested in several commercial and residential projects that require certain LEED levels before the project can commence.


At KA Enterprises, we believe that actions are more important than words in certain respects. For over 20 years, KA has been an active contributor in supporting the communities where we conduct business. We believe in building meaningful relationships with our employees, investors, partners, and stakeholders to provide the foundation needed to reduce our impact on the environment. Our intimate knowledge and understanding of the communities where we invest allows us to create appropriate solutions for local needs and to provide the best community possible. KA’s citizenship and social responsibility embodies the following commitments:

  • Responsible stewardship and sound operational management,
  • Setting and exceeding community expectations,
  • Maintain a diverse workforce supportive of all cultures and beliefs,
  • Delivering environmentally sound projects.