Corporate Overview


KA Enterprises was founded in 1995 in La Jolla, CA by its 3 equal partners, Kambiz Agahnia, Kayvon Agahnia and Ken Assi. Their current headquarters is in the bustling Sorrento Valley business district of San Diego, CA. KA’s real estate presence expands throughout the United States from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Boston and Mississippi. In addition, KA is intimately involved in the energy sector, representing multiple brands of fuel throughout California and Nevada.

The tradition of excellence began with KA’s first gas station development in the Clairemont Mesa area of San Diego, CA. Through hard work and diligent execution, the company has been developed into a $100+ Million organization with over 100 employees across multiple states. KA’s focus has evolved from a gas station operator into a full-service real estate conglomerate with projects ranging from multi-family residential properties and multi-million-dollar estates to self-storage facilities and all commercial property types in between. KA has three main lines of businesses: gasoline station operation, real estate development/management and energy distribution.


KA Enterprises has a 20+ year track record of investing, managing, and harvesting gasoline stations investments. The gasoline industry is similar to the private equity style of investing because similar amounts of due diligence and investment planning are required to extract value. The development or purchase of gasoline stations involves analysis of the actual business, acquisition of the business, and a clear road map for value maximization. Our asset class and style of investing requires expertise, process, passion, and performance. Excellence is a necessity and not an option in the gasoline industry. The skills, relationships, experience, and capital required for investing in gasoline stations or retail properties at an institutional level is very scarce. However, the gasoline station business is a recession resistant, inflation protected, and cash flow producing operating business. All KA’s gas station properties are in prime locations next to freeway on/off ramps or high traffic intersections.


KA Enterprises’ real estate development and management expertise ranges from gas stations and retail properties like Starbucks and Subway to self-storage facilities and multi-million-dollar estates in La Jolla and Del Mar, CA. Whether building a project from ground up or remodeling existing properties, the development and construction business requires an in-depth understanding of local real estate dynamics. The understanding of local real estate dynamics dramatically affects the success or failure of the project. By having a deep understanding of local real estate and related issues, combined with shrewd negotiation and management skills, KA reduces the probability and cost of failure. KA utilizes a dynamic real estate investment process combined with a thorough business valuation and analysis discipline.


KA Enterprises is an experienced wholesale fuel supplier, selling gasoline to both independent and Shell branded gas stations throughout California. In order to properly balance the risk / reward trade off, KA and its related entities have a thorough and in-depth understanding of the energy industry. By understanding supply and demand dynamics, pricing and energy capital market fluctuations, KA consistently attempts to broaden its daily, monthly, and yearly understanding of the energy markets and its effects on our core business.


KA Enterprises has developed a unique expertise in finding, acquiring, and managing under-capitalized and under-utilized assets. According to widely held government statistics, most of the economic growth in the form of GDP in the United States is created by small to mid-size business enterprises. KA is intimately aware, knowledgeable, and experienced in the efficient business development of our core markets. More specifically, the numerous legal and operational dynamics of our real estate asset classes need to be managed very carefully and actively. The asset classes include:

  • Gasoline Stations and Convenience Stores
  • Commercial Properties (retail, office, industrial and mixed-use projects)
  • Multi-Family Residential Properties
  • Multi-Million Estates

In addition to the managing of our core asset classes, we also have developed an in-depth understanding of the various strategies for growth. The evolution of KA as an investment management firm reflects our view for the need to implement our growth strategy.

Every 3 years, KA conducts a Strategic Analysis Review of the firm's operations, financial strategy, target market focus, asset class focus, and employees among other important strategic considerations.

We believe the best way to take advantage of our expertise is to continue to manage our asset class actively. However, we have embarked on the creation of an investment management platform to capitalize on our unique expertise by institutionalizing a very fragmented asset class and market. We intend to apply the same kind of dedication and professional experience to the investment management industry by actively engaging in Portfolio Management, Asset Management, and Property Management.