Bryan Alden Jones


Bryan Alden Jones

Bryan Alden Jones is head of the Accounting and Finance division. He is the controller for KA Enterprises and all of its affiliate entities. Mr. Jones is intimately involved at the Fund Level and the Portfolio Level for Axis Point Partners.

Mr. Jones started with the firm as an intern while studying at San Diego State University. He then joined KA Enterprises as a Financial and Business Analyst. As the company continued to expand, due to his stellar performance and contribution, Mr. Jones was promoted to development manager and fund control administrator for Axis Point Partners . Subsequently he became controller and directed the firms cash management programs under the leadership of management.

Currently Mr. Jones is responsible for the following:

Performance Reporting

Mr. Jones has been instrumental with respect to Performance Reporting at the Fund and Portfolio Levels. Mr. Jones works with investors to answer any performance related questions. He has an intimate knowledge of the relationship between actual operating accounting methods and its relationship to presentation and calculations at the fund level.

Accounting Responsibilities & Duties

  • Monthly and Annual reconciliations for all properties
  • Audit internal Monthly financial and operational reports
  • Audit Monthly and Annual CPA financial reports
  • Create Monthly and Annual budgets for each portfolio entity
  • Liaison to CPA firm

Finance Responsibilities & Duties

  • Perform Fund Control for all construction and real estate development
  • Provide Financial Statement and traditional Capital Budgeting Analysis