Tony Casarez


Tony Casarez

Tony Casarez has served as Director of Operations and Human Resources of KA Enterprises and its affiliates for almost 20 years. Mr. Casarez is responsible for all operational and management aspects related to KA’s gasoline stations and convenience stores.  Mr. Casarez is also responsible for human resource aspects for over 100 staff members within KA Enterprises and its affiliates.  This includes 20 Management/Field Supervisor personnel and up to an additional 80 front line staff employees.

Mr. Casarez has 27 years of experience in both retail and product/grocery distribution networks in the petroleum and convenience store industry.  Prior to working with the firm, Mr. Casarez was employed by Mobil Oil Corporation in California from 1988-1998 as an executive in charge of 14 gasoline service stations and convenience stores.  Mr. Casarez also conducted financial and environmental audits to ensure compliance with company goals and policies.

Mr. Casarez uses Best Business Management techniques, consumer data and analytics, and continues to develop relationships with experts within the convenience store industry to increase profits and reduce operational expenses.

Mr. Casarez holds several environmental certifications and awards relating to his operational management responsibilities.  Mr. Casarez is highly regarded throughout several channels of the convenience store industry, including those within the distribution, marketing and manufacturing networks.